Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy

Crafted A Southern Speakeasy Membership

How to Join and What to expect from us.

1) All members should acquaint themselves with the house rules. They are simple but we do abide by them.  As a member it is your responsibility to share this information with any of your guests prior to arriving at Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy.

2) A valid driver’s license or ID is required upon every entry. As a 'members only' club this is how we verify that you are of legal age and a valid member. Even if you sign up we still need a valid ID to scan to verify membership if needed.

3) All membership sign ups can be completed at the door using our kiosk. This is to ensure that your personal information is kept personal. You will sign in each time you enter Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy at the front door kiosk. 

4) Guests – Each member has a 3 guest limit. More than that will require additional memberships. 

5) Due to limited seating we operate on a “first come – first served” basis.  This applies to every seat in the house (including the bar.)  This is the only fair way to ensure that everyone has a good time and to prevent overcrowding. We like to keep the atmosphere comfortable and welcoming. Once we’re at capacity we will put your name on the wait list. Once a table or bar seat opens up we’ll immediately notify you that your seats are ready. 

6) We offer limited little standing room at the bar. Again our members comfort is our first concern and nobody wants other people hovering over them while trying to carry on a personal conversation.


1. According to NC law we reserve the right to refuse service to a guest who we believe is impaired in any way. Please respect this… The Bartender’s word is law. We’re here to have fun and want to see everyone back again.  As we all know – impaired people don’t always make the best choices. We care about you and will be glad to call you a cab or Uber. 

2. At Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy we treat all guests equally regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Again, We’re all here to have fun so if something or someone is making you feel uncomfortable please tell our manager, or one of our staff. 

3. Proper dress is required. No shirt or shoes, no service. We recommend business or smart casual.

4. You MUST be 21 year old or older to become a member. Guests may be under 21, but must be supervised at all times by Crafted club member and may not sit at the bar. 

5. Boisterous or indecent conduct will not be tolerated and WILL result in immediate removal from the building and membership suspension or termination.

6. A membership may be suspended or terminated by managerial staff for failure to comply with Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy rules and NC ABC Laws.

7. Profanity or disrespect directed towards bartenders or staff WILL NOT be tolerated and WILL result in immediate membership suspension or termination.

8. Absolutely no outside food or beverage. 

9. Absolutely no beverages outside of designated areas. 

10. Absolutely no smoking or vaping.

11. Please be patient – Each cocktail is hand-crafted, each plate is carefully constructed and we do not take shortcuts. 

NOTE: ALL applicants MUST be 21 years of age or older. Membership cost is $1 annually paid at door.